Friday, May 11, 2007

Review'n the reviewers

The other day I asked the fat cats at for their professional opinion on Recueilli. The review is up, and it looks like I tied with cid69 (a true western cowboy from the citadel class of '69, wow!).

So, just to change things up a bit, today I'm give'n an exclusive Recueilli Review: is one of those sites whose name says it all. They really have all the makings of a successful site. Even cooler gives out an award for the blogger of the 1/2 month!! Sweet.. I have to say winning blogger of the 1/2 month would be the coolest award I have ever received in my life. Here's to Recueilli getting blogger of the 1/2 month! If I do it will go (and stay) on my résumé.

Overall Rating:
10/10 for Content
8/10 for vewing pleasure
9.5/10 overall

Problems with I'm kind of disapointed that they don't have more pictures (e.g. snapshot of the site being reviewed or a photo of the blogger)

A big thanks to Greg at for hooking me up..

Click here to email ourblogreview with your own blog, or a quick message nominating Recueilli for blog of the 1/2 month.


stratz said...

Hey, send us a pic of you and it might actually happen....

HollyGL said...

I'd be excited if I won blog of the day!

m38967 said...

i'm off to visit this site. i am dying for a blog review, hopefully they willl do mine. thanxs for the heads up on them, i had never heard of them prior to your blog mention. blogger out.

LiVEWYRE said...

Why don't we do that Greg (Stratz)? we could use a screen shot along with the reviews..??
John (Livewyre) Fat Cat.... ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

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