Sunday, June 10, 2007


With age comes beauty, money, and.. forgetfulness. We all know someone who fits, at least, that last category. Luckily, research shows there are ways of clearing a few of those cobwebs from the corners of our minds.

NintendoDS has taken advantage of that fact and has a game that's supposed to help you out. If you don't have a NintendoDS or if you've misplaced your BrainAge game and don't know where to find it, all is not lost!

Some really smart people from Lumos Labs have put together a great program online. Their games are fun to play, and well designed. The program's called Lumosity, and they say after 30 sessions you should experience these types of things:

  • Clearer and quicker thinking
  • Better memory for names, numbers, directions, etc.
  • Increased alertness and awareness
  • Elevated mood
  • Better concentration at work or while driving
I can't vouch for them yet (did my first session today), but I can say the games are pretty cool in a somewhat brain stretching way.

Here's the link. Hurry though, they make it seem as if they might start charging for the service soon.

Competitive? Read more for my scores (betcha can't beat them!)

My first time playing on level 1:
Birdwatching = 912
Speed Match = 3520 (2nd time playing.. totally messed up the 1st time)
Monstergarden = 2725


Maximilian said...

If you are interested, I have written a post about Lumosity at

ari said...

Hey Ive been looking through some of these memory programs as well and one of my favorites is Posit Science's. They are absoltuley worth taking a look at!

Anonymous said...

I loved the very first sentence of your blog i.e. "With age comes beauty, money, and.. forgetfulness."

Thanx & Regards,
Senna Leaves, Senna, Senna Pods, Senna Stems

No beans Ten said...

I've been working on my brain recently. I'll soon be up for a challenge. I'm best at birdwatching. Better keep practicing!

Rich said...

Thanks ari for the other memory program.. it's a bit too pricey for me though.

And thanks, Keyur for the compliment!

Rich said...

Bring it on No Beans what's your best score?

johnny said...

Right now I'm beginning session 8, and I've notice a few chances in my behavior. A few being, for some odd reason I start adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing any two or more numbers I see in a row. It feels odd when it happens but I have hours of playing raindrops to thank for that.
Also, I feel like I can take in more information at once and read faster. Now, reading Japanese doesn't take as long and it feels almost natural.
However, I need to start testing my memory to see if it's improving or not with this program. So I'll try to have some testing done after a week or so.
Here is how my scores stack up after session 7.
Memory Match: 3870
Monster Garden:3625
Raindrops: 5840
Speed Match: 7790
Spatial Speed Match: 7190
Color Match: 3225
Meet the Flankers: 4025
I wish that they had an extreme level for raindrops though.
Also, level 8 of birdwatching is insane.

Rich said...

Wow great work Johnny! Thanks for the info, looks like lumosity is working.. I'll be sure to post my scores when I get that far.

Jessie J said...

I'm loving my trial of Lumosity! I'm currently in process of Session 11.
Scores ~
Birdwatching: 14816
Memory Match: 500 (only played twice)
Monster Garden: 4090
Raindrops: 11853
Speed Match: 7940
Spatial Speed Match: 6440
Word Bubbles: 1890
Color Match: 2925
Lost in Migration: 5725

Jessie J said...

WOW! Right after posting my last comment, I unlocked Level 9 on Birdwatching! My new high score is 18624! Woohoo!

levi clampitt said...

speed match 9290
spatial speed match 8240
color match 4125
lost in migration 5825

those are my best.

Veranuem said...

I've been on Lumosity for a couple of months now- I play one session for 10-15 minutes almost daily. It doesn't take too long to improve, but it has helped my reaction time SO much. My processing speed still needs lots of improvement, but I'm at level ten on birdwatching- my score is 28650. I stink at Chalkboard Challenge and Memory Match...

Rich said...

Wow, that great Veranuem looks like it's working! Thanks for the update.

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